Industrial Facility Partial Demo

//Industrial Facility Partial Demo
More than just a scrap processor, Fligeltaub has the equipment and the knowledge to assist with and perform partial interior demolition jobs at places of industry.  We can work directly with a facility or with a preferred contractor, but we will maximize returns on your metal assets using the value of your scrap to offset job costs.  For most jobs, Fligeltaub does not charge for labor or equipment rental – just mobilization and freight.  Fligeltaub strives to provide a high level of service while minimizing costs to the customer.
Recently, we completed an interior clean out of a local industrial facility working with the facility’s contractor – see images below.  We were able to perform the demolition work and process the scrap onsite.  If you have similar needs, get in touch, and we can create a customized solution tailored the the unique needs of your project.