The Henry Fligeltaub Company provides customized metal recycling services to major industrial and commercial accounts through-out the Tri-State area.  Large or small, we will work with you to maximize the returns on your industrial scrap while providing the service you require and that respects the needs of the environment.

Contact our service representatives and we’ll work with you develop a program¬†specifically designed to handle your scrap-recycling needs.

Our services include:

-In-plant container service
-Trailer, lugger and roll-off containers for your scrap storage and hauling
-Complete waste handling solutions
-Tailored beneficial reuse programs to reduce landfilled material
-Custom recycling programs to maximize your returns
-Onsite processing, handling and demolition services

Material Descriptions, List of Accepted Specialty Items and Non-Acceptable Items


Instead of going to the landfill, pallets can be processed for landscape, animal bedding and wood fuels.


Total recycling program that utilizes beneficial reuse to reduce waste going to a landfill

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