Recent Projects

Fligeltaub's Most Recent Work

Industrial Facility Partial Demo

More than just a scrap processor, Fligeltaub has the equipment and the knowledge to assist with and perform partial interior demolition jobs at places of industry.  We can work directly with a facility or with a preferred contractor, but we will maximize returns on your metal assets using the value of your scrap to offset job costs.  For most jobs, Fligeltaub does not charge for labor or equipment rental – just mobilization and freight.  Fligeltaub strives to provide a high

Tank Demo and Recycling

Safe and environmentally responsible – Fligeltaub has the experience, the equipment, and the environmental integrity to recycle old fuel station infrastructure.  Whether you want us to come onsite and work for you, or if you just want a parter that is capable of disposing old tanks, do not hesitate to give us a call. We have properly disposed of tanks and piping of all sizes for years.  Let us maximize your return on your outdated investments.

Rail Car Removal and Recycling

Offsite Rail Car Removal Fligeltaub has the equipment and expertise to safely remove and recycle old rail cars.  With rail service to our yard, we can accept rail cars off all types.  We can also perform onsite removal within our service area.  Following processing and recycling, we can provide the documentation and the financial return you expect from your disposed of assets.  Qualified, certified, and environmentally responsible, let the experts at Fligeltaub assist you in disposing of your outdated rail assets. Hopper

Convert Metal Assets to Cash

Do you have old metal assets that are just sitting around?  Let Fligeltaub help you turn your old metal assets into cash.  Whether you want to haul the material to our yard yourself, or have us take care of everything, we can ensure that you get the best value for your scrap at the service level you need. We were able to process the scrap below on the customer’s site, haul the material away, and then mail off a check.  If you have

Tornado Clean Up

Trash and recyclables separated Trash loaded and hauled to landfill Recyclables loaded hauled to our facility for processing Scrap value paid for the cost, and there was extra money left for our customer